Certified Software Quality Engineer

Outline of CSQE Body of Knowledge

The Certified Software Quality Engineer understands software quality development and implementation, software inspection, testing, verification and validation; and implements software development and maintenance processes and methods.

I. General Knowledge

  1. Quality Principles
  2. Ethical and legal compliance
  3. Standards and models
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Team skills

II. Software Quality Management

  1. Quality management system
  2. Methodologies
  3. Audits

III. Systems and Software Engineering Processes

  1. Lifecycles and process models
  2. System architechture
  3. Requirements engineering
  4. Requirements management
  5. Software analysis,design and development
  6. Maintenance management

IV.  Project Management

  1. Planning, scheduling and deployment
  2. Tracking and controlling
  3. Risk management

V. Software Metrics and Analysis

  1. Metrics and measurement theory
  2. Process and product measurement
  3. Analytical techniques

VI.  Software Verification and Validation

  1. Theory
  2. Test planning and design
  3. Reviews and Inspections
  4. Test execution documentation
  5. Customer deliverables

VII. Software Configuration Management

  1. Configuration infrastructure
  2. Configuration identification
  3. Configuration control and status accounting
  4. Configuration audits
  5. Product release and distribution

Examination Schedule

All examinations are set and marked by the ASQ. The CSQE examinations are held in June and December each year. The CQE examination is an open book examination comprising 180 multiple-choice questions and lasts 5 hours. Candidates must meet ASQ’s prerequisite requirements to sit this exam. Contact us for more details.


Places on this course are limited to 10 participants. Click here to Download Registration Form or request an application form by sending an e-mail to info@globalbusiness.ie or call us on 061-708844.


1 day per week


12 Days



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