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The course is delivered blended – lectures are delivered online in video format and available to you 24/7 on all devices. Intensive live online weekly tutorials, coupled with 4 workshops complement the videos and help you fully prepare for the ASQ certification exam. Tutorials and workshops start 12 weeks before the exam, but you can register and start the course any time in the year.

Recent product liability legislation in the United States, Europe and in other countries adds a new dimension to the importance of eliminating safety-related failure modes, as well as to the total quality assurance approach in product development and manufacture. Before product liability (PL), the law relating to risks in using a product was based upon the principle of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware’). PL introduced caveat venditor (‘let the supplier beware’). A designer can now be held liable for a failure of his design, even if the product is old and the user did not operate or maintain it correctly. Claims for death or injury in many product liability cases can only be defended successfully if the producer can demonstrate that he has taken all practical steps towards identifying and eliminating the risk, and that the injury was entirely unrelated to failure or to inadequate design or manufacture.

Since these risks may extend over ten years or even indefinitely, depending upon the law in the country concerned, long-term reliability of safety-related features becomes a critical requirement. The size of the claims, liability being unlimited in the United States, necessitates top management involvement in minimizing these risks, by ensuring that the organization and resources are provided to manage and execute the quality and reliability tasks which will ensure reasonable protection. PL insurance is a new business area for the insurance companies, who naturally expect to see a suitable reliability and safety programme being operated by the manufacturers they insure.

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